Online Japanese Lesson
for Non-native Japanese Speaker
For Grade 1-12 : 
For children who needs language support, reading / writing / speaking / listening lesson will be provided.  
Fee: 1,600yen per 40 minutes

For people 18 years old and over 

Elementary to Intermediate lesson is tailor-made for you. Lesson can be done with or w/o textbook.  

Fee: 2,000yen​​ per 50 minutes

Payment policy: 

Tuition payment should be made by bank transfer. Due date for payment is 25th of previous month of the lesson. Tuition will not be refunded for any reasons. 

Cancellation policy:

Kindly notify the tutor by email the day before the lesson.

I will schedule your make-up lesson. If you cancel the lesson without a notice, you can't ask for a make-up lesson. 

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