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Term and Conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)

Christian House English School (hereinafter referred to as TEACHER) shall be the sole provider of online learning services (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") to students and applicants (hereinafter referred to as STUDENT). Christian House English has established the following terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") to ensure smooth and sufficient use of the Service by applicants and students.


Article 2 (Scope and Amendment of the Terms of Use)

1. The scope of these Terms of Use is as follows.

(1) Lectures and teaching materials provided by TEACHER to STUDENT.

(2) E-mails, etc. that TEACHER sends to you.

(3) Christian House English’s website (hereinafter referred to as "this site").


2. TEACHER may revise, change, or add new provisions to the Terms of Service without obtaining the consent of STUDENT. The revised Terms of Use shall become effective from the time they are posted on this site, and we deem that you have agreed to the revised Terms of Use.


Article 3 (Course Application)

1. TEACHER shall deem that STUDENT has agreed to the following items when applying for the course.

(1) To take this service after carefully reading and agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

(2) To install ZOOM.

(3) To prepare equipment such as a headset.

(4) That STUDENT’s environment does not interfere with taking this service.

(5) If STUDENT are a minor, STUDENT must obtain the consent of a legal representative such as a person with parental authority.

(6) In the case of lessons using commercially available teaching materials, you must prepare such materials.

(7) Pay the enrollment fee, lesson fee and other fees for the Service provided by TEACHER (hereinafter referred to as "Course Fee") using the payment method determined by TEACHER.

(8) To promptly confirm any communication from TEACHER regarding the Service.

(9) To follow the operation of the Service as specified by TEACHER.


2. If any of the following items applies to STUDENT, TEACHER shall not consent to STUDENT’s taking service and may cancel it if it has already been granted.

(1) If there is any false statement, error or omission in the information declared at the time of application for use.

(2) If STUDENT has violated this Agreement in the past.

(3) If you have failed to pay the course fee in the past.

(4) If STUDENT does not meet the recommended requirements of TEACHER such as browser environment and connection speed.

(5) STUDENT is a minor and have not obtained the consent of a legal representative such as a person with parental authority for the application.

(6) Any other case that we deem inappropriate as a student of the Service.


Article 4 (Change of Registered Information)

1. If there is any change in the contents of notification to TEACHER, STUDENT shall notify the change without delay by the method designated by TEACHER.


2. TEACHER shall not be liable for any damages incurred by STUDENT due to the delay in notifying TEACHER.


Article 5 (Trial Lesson)

1. TEACHER shall provide an overview of the course of study (hereinafter referred to as "Trial Lesson") after STUDENT's application for use. (hereinafter referred to as "Trial Lesson").


2. STUDENT may take the trial lesson only once.


3. If you do not take the trial lesson and complete the application for this course, the right to take the trial lesson for that course will be lost. In such a case, TEACHER shall not make any compensation.


4. You shall be obligated to comply with these Terms of Use while taking the trial lesson.


Article 6 (Course Period)

We may restrict the provision of this service until we confirm the payment of the course fee by you.


Article 7 (Timing and Method of Payment)

In principle, STUDENT shall pay the course fee by bank transfer prior to taking the lessons of this course. You shall be responsible for all bank transfer fees and other expenses required for payment.


Article 8 (Use of ZOOM and Recommended Environment for Lessons)

1. TEACHER will use ZOOM to provide lessons. TEACHER shall be deemed to have agreed to the following items when STUDENT uses ZOOM.

(1) To comply with the functions of the calling software and its terms of use as stipulated by ZOOM.

(2) Download the software and check its functions before using the Service.

(3) If the Service cannot be used due to a malfunction, inadequate setting, or hardware necessary for its use, TEACHER shall bear no responsibility whatsoever.

(4) When opening files or URLs sent by TEACHER through the chat function of ZOOM, STUDENT shall open them at its own risk.


(5) Even if any damage such as virus infection occurs due to the files or URLs sent as described in the previous item, TEACHER shall not be responsible for it.

(6) The ZOOM account name registered by STUDENT shall be notified to TEACHER.

(7) TEACHER shall not be responsible for any trouble caused by the circumstances of ZOOM.


2. Lessons can be taken at any place in Japan or abroad, but please make sure to take the lessons from a quiet environment with no noise around you. Please do not take the lesson in a restaurant or outdoors where there are many unspecified people around. If it is found that you are taking the lesson in a restaurant, etc., the lesson will be cancelled at that point, and you will lose the right to take the lesson.


Article 9 (Reservation and Change of Lesson)

1. You shall decide the specific date of the lesson after coordinating with TEACHER. If you want to change the date of the lesson, you must contact TEACHER at least 3 days

prior to the start of each lesson by the method specified by TEACHER. If you exceed the above, you will lose the right to take the lesson.


2. Even if the start of the lesson is delayed due to your tardiness, failure of communication environment or ill health, the TEACHER will wait for 10 minutes from the start time of the lesson, if the lesson cannot be started after 10 minutes, you will lose the right to take the relevant lesson.


Article 10 (Assignment)

1. You shall submit your assignment before each lesson by the method specified by TEACHER.


Article 11 (Cancellation of Contract and Termination)

1. If 8 days have passed counting from the day you submitted the enrollment form, you can cancel the contract by submitting the withdrawal form to TEACHER.


2. The course fee for this service shall be paid in units of the contract period mentioned in the preceding paragraph, and once the fee has been paid by STUDENT to TEACHER, it shall not be refundable regardless of the reason. However, this shall not apply if the Service is not provided due to reasons attributable to TEACHER.


Article 12 (Prohibited Acts)

1. STUDENT shall not perform any of the following acts when using this Service.

(1) Assigning, lending, selling, changing the name of, pledging, or offering as collateral the right to use this service to a third party.

(2) Accessing the server of this site without authority or permission and interfering with its use or operation.

(3) Acts of using the Service for business activities, commercial purposes, or preparations thereof.

(4) Any action that infringes or may infringe on the privacy of TEACHER or a third party.

(5) Harassment, verbal abuse, threats, slander, solicitation, or encouragement of illegal activities, eating, drinking, or smoking during the lesson, or any other actions that interfere with the progress of the lesson.

(6) Any other actions that violate or may violate the law.

(7) Any other actions that TEACHER deems inappropriate.


2. If any damage is caused to TEACHER or a third party due to an act in violation of the preceding paragraph, the STUDENT shall bear all legal responsibility even after the termination of the use of this service.


Article 13 (Response to Prohibited Acts)

1. If STUDENT falls under any of the following, TEACHER may, without prior notice to STUDENT, suspend the use of this service, cancel the membership, or take any other measures deemed appropriate by TEACHER.

(1) If STUDENT commits any of the prohibited acts set forth in Article 12.

(2) If STUDENT violates any provision of this Agreement.

(3) If STUDENT delays or fails to pay the fees.


2. If STUDENT is subject to the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph, TEACHER shall not refund to STUDENT any course fees already paid by STUDENT.


Article 14 (Handling of Reported Information)

1. TEACHER shall use the information provided by STUDENT for the purpose of providing the Service and information related to the Service.


2. TEACHER shall not disclose STUDENT's Reported Information to any third party without STUDENT's prior consent. However, this shall not apply to the following cases.

(1) When disclosure is required by laws and regulations.

(2) When disclosure is requested by a public institution.

(3) When it is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of STUDENT and it is difficult to obtain STUDENT's consent.


3. TEACHER shall handle STUDENT's notified information appropriately in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" separately stipulated by TEACHER.

Article 15 (Interruption and Termination of the Service)

1. TEACHER may suspend or terminate all or part of the Service without notice in the event of any of the following events.

(1) Natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, torrential rains, and lightning strikes.

(2) Man-made disasters such as fires, riots or conflicts.

(3) Power outage, failure of the server, etc., or any other situation that requires a temporary interruption of the Service.


2. TEACHER will notify the user of any interruption or termination of the Service in advance or after the fact via the Site, e-mail, or ZOOM. However, this shall not apply in the event of an unavoidable emergency.


Article 16 (Information Distribution)

TEACHER may send notifications, advertisements, and questionnaires to STUDENT by e-mail.


Article 17 (Liability for Damages)

1. If STUDENT violates this Agreement, TEACHER shall be entitled to demand compensation from STUDENT for damages caused by the violation.


2. The maximum amount of compensation for damages by STUDENT to TEACHER based on the deficiency of this service shall be the amount equivalent to one month's lesson fee unless TEACHER is intentionally or grossly negligent.


Article 18 (Disclaimer)

1. STUDENT agrees in advance that TEACHER shall not be liable for any damages that STUDENT is unable to use the service satisfactorily due to the following.

(1) If the lesson reservation could not be made on the date and time you want.


2. In principle, the main means of communication from TEACHER regarding this service shall be e-mail and ZOOM, and STUDENT shall promptly confirm the communication from TEACHER. TEACHER shall not be responsible for any disadvantage or damage to STUDENT caused by STUDENT's failure to confirm.


3. TEACHER shall not be liable for any damage caused by STUDENT's infection with a computer virus, etc. when using the Service, and any damage caused by the software used for the Service or the delivery files.


Article 19 (Governing Law)

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

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